O5: European common VET curricula for the new European common qualifications in Social Entrepreneurship sector established by the MoU ECVET

Category: Intellectual Outputs
IO 5 includes the curricula as being defined in terms of Training Units, having a 1:1 ratio with the Learning Outcomes Units constituting the competence standards formalised within the MoU ECVET. The design of the curricula (training standards) includes a dynamic framework, guiding teaching and learning processes, and a steering mechanism for quality. For VET providers, employers, trainers and learners, the outcome-oriented curricula offers a valuable platform for bridging the worlds of education, training and work, and provides a common language between competencies acquired in learning and the needs of occupations through an interdisciplinary approach. The curricula also considers the specificities of each participating country, in terms of specific competencies and in terms of specificities of VET systems relating to ways of accessing certificate, validation of formal, non-formal and informal learning, procedures and qualification bodies.
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