Multiplier Event E8, 26th October 2016, Sopocki Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości Społecznej, Sopot, Poland

The multiplier event E8 of Social Keys project was held on the 26th October 2016 in Sopot, Poland. Project partners, with the exception of Regione Umbria and DIESIS participated in the multiplier event, hosted by CARITAS.

The event’s main focus was the presentation of the project’s implementation so far, the presentation of the training courses uploaded on the project’s platform and the exchange of views concerning the common European Model for ECVET Credits Awarding for the new European common qualifications in social entrepreneurship sector established by MoU ECVET. Also, a representative from the hosting partner, CARITAS, presented its mission and activities as a body involved into Social Economy and finally a representative from the Support Centre for Social Economy presented the training needs for Social Enterprise leaders.

26.10.2016 Sopot2
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