Multiplier Event E10 (Final Conference), 6th July 2017, Hellenic Management Association, Athens, Greece

The multiplier event E10 (Final Conference) of the Social Keys project was held on the 6th July 2017 in Athens, Greece hosted by Hellenic Management Association with the participation of all project partners, and also the participation of foreign participants.

The event’s main focus was the presentation of the project’s results and the exchange of views concerning the endorsement and testing within NQFs/ RQFs of the New European Qualifications in the social entrepreneurship sector established by the MoU ECVET. Also, experts in social economy sector presented the new legal framework on Social Economy in Greece and the role of Social Economy in the E.U. Initiative for blue development. Moreover, one participant per country presented their input and impressions concerning the training activities (on-line and on-site) and finally the certificates were awarded to the Italian and Greek participants in the project’s training activities.

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