Hellenic Management Association - Greece


Hellenic Management Association (HMA), which was established in 1962 is a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to contribute to the promotion, dissemination and promulgation of modern management principles, methods and practices. HMA has members, both corporate - enterprises and organisations of the private and public sector - and individuals - medium and top-level executives, entrepreneurs, professors and students. Today HMA rates among the five largest Management Associations worldwide in terms of Membership and Activities.

HMA has been active in a number of European Community Programs, namely: Esprit, Now, Horizon, Adapt, Info-DC, Tacis, Phare, Interreg, Equal Round I and Round II, Europe Aid, Article-6, Leonardo Da Vinci, Life Long Learning and Asia Invest. HMA also operates as an Intermediary Body of Managing European Union Programs.

Scuola Nazionale Servizi Foundation - Italy


Scuola Nazionale Servizi is a Foundation set up in 2012 that aggregates 40 entities: 35 enterprises, 5 Entrepreneurial National Associations, 1 citizens national association, skilled professionals and researchers for the purpose of the promotion and diffusion of applied research and innovation mainly in the Facility Management sector.

The main areas of intervention of SNS are research and innovation, management consulting, teaching and training and developing of studies and publications. Furthermore, SNS Foundation is a VET provider and counts among its members several regional VET providers, delivering their experience in ECVET systems.



Diesis is a non-profit European Research and Development Service for the Social Economy, Cooperatives, and participative Enterprises. Its mission is to support the development of the social economy and, in particular, of cooperatives and social enterprises in Europe and in the world via the implementation of knowledge-based activities, such as training, project design, consulting and advisory services, technical assistance and research. Its members are Enterprises, federations, advisory and development groups, as well as organisations specialized in the know-how transfer recognized as being part of the social economy in Europe and worldwide.

Caritas Archidiecezji Gdanskiej - Poland


CARITAS Archidiecezji Gdańskiej is charity organization of Catholic Church, working since 1990 in the area of social help. Main receivers of this help are poor people, children, teenagers, handicapped people, elderly and ill persons. Making use of European Social Found Caritas help disadvantaged people who are at risk of social exclusion – handicapped, long unemployment, to get in or back to work. Caritas has wide experience in the area of international cooperation.

Umbria Region - Italy


The Education and Training Department of Umbria Region carries out the following activities and projects: Educational Standards and certification planning, supporting the Regional Public services; Regional management of the Training and educational credits acknowledgement system; Compulsory Education Intervention coordination in order to avoid the drop out of school; Implementation and updating of Vocational profiles repertoire, through the analysis of the job market requirements; Planning of Education, Training and employment integrated systems, through the annual plan; Promotion and development of activities to enhance the didactic offer quality; Carrying out of a certification system of skills coming from formal, non formal, informal learning pathways related to regional and national standards; Implementation of the National data bank about Education and Vocational Training offer.

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